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The Children's Center staff use "The Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood" planning system. Our teachers plan an environment and curriculum that will stimulate your child's cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Each classroom is designed with the following activity centers and experiences:


Creative Arts and Crafts

Creative arts and crafts foster creativity and build skills that lead to reading, writing and seeing beauty in life.

Construction Play

Construction play (blocks, building sets) helps children learn about science and numbers, fosters creativity and builds muscle strength and coordination.

Dramatic and Pretend Play

Dramatic and pretend play helps children use their imagination, explore and understand the world, learn how to work together, practice new behaviors and imitate grown-up behaviors.

Books and Recordings

Books and recordings help children appreciate literature and music, and develop intellect.


Sand, Water, Play Dough, etc.

Sand, water, play dough, etc. provide sensory stimulation, and opportunities to understand more about math and science; explore properties of matter.

Table Toys

Table toys (cognitive toys, games, fine motor toys) provide hand-eye coordination, intellectual stimulation, and present opportunities for cooperation and problem solving.


Active Play

Active play equipment builds strong muscles and confidence to meet physical challenges, and promotes healthy minds and bodies.

Health and Nutrition 

Health and Nutrition helps children build skills to promote positive mental wellness, dental health, physical health and safety awareness.


Reading, Writing, Numbers and Language

Reading, Writing, Numbers and Language skills are built into all the activities we provide each day, children will build kindergarten readiness skills through both teacher directed and self directed activities.

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