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Give your little one a big advantage at The Children's Center

Your child learns so much in the early years; the first years are a critical time for learning and social development.

Our teachers provide an unparalleled level of interaction
and individual nurturing through their daily activities.
The infant curriculum includes:

  • Lessons geared to the infant's level of development

  • Experiences that involve all senses

  • Fun activities that boost language and communication skills as well as physical development


All infant rooms are staffed at a 1:4 ratio.

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Goal 1: To Learn About Themselves

  • To feel valued and secure in their relationships

  • To feel competent and proud about what
    they can do

  • To express their independence

Goal 2: To Learn About Their Feelings

  • To communicate a broad range of emotions through gestures, sounds, and - eventually - words

  • To express their feelings in appropriate ways

Goal 3: To learn about others

  • To develop trusting relationships with nurturing adults

  • To show interest in peers

  • To demonstrate caring and cooperation

  • To try out roles and relationships through imitation and pretend play

Goal 4: To Learn About Communicating

  • To express needs and thoughts without using words

  • To identify with a home language

  • To respond to verbal and nonverbal commands

  • To communicate through language

Goal 5: To Learn About Moving and Doing

  • To develop gross motor skills

  • To develop fine motor skills

  • To coordinate eye and hand movements

  • To develop self-help skills

Goal 6: To Acquire Thinking Skills

  • To gain an understanding of basic concepts and relationships

  • To apply knowledge to new situations

  • To develop strategies for solving problems

These goals are detailed at the Parent/Teacher Conferences.

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