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All day child care with enhanced preschool curriculum.

In the preschool years, between the ages of 3 and 5, children begin to develop a keen understanding of themselves and a stronger sense of the world around them. It's the perfect time to nurture budding interests and skills that will last a lifetime. The Children's Center program for preschoolers targets school readiness skills. We want our graduates to be ready for kindergarten when they leave our program.

In our preschool curriculum, children are introduced to specific academic subjects in a variety of ways:

  • Literacy activities

  • Science and discovery

  • Dramatic play

  • Computer activities

  • Daily circle time

  • Outdoor time

  • Don't forget free play and more!


At The Children's Center, your child will be encouraged to practice self help skills and decision making in a safe, supportive environment. Our preschool classrooms are staffed at a 1:10 teacher to child ratio.


Goal 1: Social and Emotional Development

  • To demonstrate a sense of self

  • To demonstrate or show responsibility for

  • self and others

  • To demonstrate pro-social behavior

Goal 2: Physical Development

  • Gross motor skills

  • Fine motor skills

Goal 3: To Learn About Others

  • Learning and problem solving

  • Logical thinking

  • Representation and symbolic thinking

Goal 4: Language Development

  • Listening and speaking

  • Reading and writing

These goals are detailed at the Parent/Teacher Conferences.

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